Det kom ett nigeriabrev

Hej bloggisch, jag fick ett mejl och ni får hjälpa mig vad jag ska svara på detta, ska vi inte driva detta till sin spets?!


I got your contact via peoples search and thought I should discuss the INVESTMENT PROPOSAL WITH YOU, which I know will interest and benefit you.

My name is Ms Helen Lamin and I am 28 years of age. I presently live in Accra-Ghana as a refugee. I am originally from Sierra Leone, a neighboring country but relocated to Ghana during the rebel war in my country that took the lives of so many people..

Before the war, I inherited $12.7 million dollars from my late father who died of cancer at a Spanish hospital and the money was deposited with Trust Alliance Security Company in Spain by my late father..I have the deposit certificate which I can show you as we get to know better..MY father made the amount from gold and diamond trade which flourish for him at that time..My home country was not safe for his to keep his money, so he took the money to Spain, being one of his trade destination countries.

The money is there to be invested by me in any country of my choice..I have been processing the clearance papers to have to money released to me by Spanish government and I am almost through with the legal documents..I have paid the security company the safe keeping amount till date and only just need to finalize the clearance with the government..

If you are interested in investing with me, I will need you to give me information about your self to enable me determine how to proceed further with you…Since I do not have any experience concerning money and investment, so I will like you to help me with your experience to invest in your country.

If we conclude partnership arrangements, I will communicate with the Security Company and tell them about you as my appointed trustee and representative and they will inform us what will be required to get the money transferred to your country..THE NAME OF THE COMPANY WHERE THE MONEY IS DEPOSITED BY MY LATE FATHER IS ALLIANCE SECURITY AND FINANCE COMPANY IN SPAIN..


Thank you and do have a wonderful day..
Helen Lamin.

Helen Lamin enligt gågel.


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