Paul drar på äventyr!

Min polare Paul/primuspaul/bruntonpaul/point65paul ska ut och cykla i europa och kommer skicka mig mejl som jag sedan lägger upp här.

Här är det han skickade till sina kollegor imorse:

“It’s 15:00, its dark outside, wet, icy, terrible..a typical early March day in Solna. My phone rings. It’s a +31 number, but I it’s not Jurg Noorman. A pitty, because discussions with him are always energizing. It’s Krijn. An old team mate and good friend from the days I was still playing Rugby for the dutch <18 and <21 team. He is always short. ‘Paul listen; I have for a few years tried to sign a team up for this roadbike race from Torino to Maastricht and this year my team finally got accepted, in one hour is the deadline to register, and we are 1man down for our team, are you in?’ I checked my calendar and noticed to my horror that it was empty during the period he mentioned. ‘COUNT ME IN’. Back to work. Weeks later, I started wondering what I actually had signed up for. I did some more research and found out that, the ride would be 8 days, it would be 1500km’s and that we will be climbing at least 30.000 meters and that we will be riding all the mountain stages the tour de france has taken the last few years. Also in order to even be allowed to come to the start we were to at least gather 15.000€ of cash to be donated to Doctors without borders. I looked into the mirror and thougt… this is not a cyclist I see. I have done much crazier physical challenges in my life, races 8 days long but without stopping or resting, training camps for my rowing tougher than I can now believe, but, but..thats was all in de days when Primus was still my favourite rockband, and Fenix still was an ugly bird to me… I have to respect that, despite being in reasonable shape still, I only paddle and ski, and have not seen my bike for nearly 6years. Still, given the conditions outside my window, I did not eaven want to think about riding it. Luckily I had a lot of travel for work coming and I decided that on all my business travel, I shall ride as many home trainers in hotel gyms as possible. One or two hours on a really, really bad bike in the basement of a hotel in Tokyo may sound insignificant with the challenge of riding 8 to 10 hours a day in the mountains ahead, but its good mental strength training. In any case I needed to get used to that sore bum. April I had planned to start doing longer rides on my bike in the weekends, but given the weather in April,..I threw that plan out of the window. Maj I started riding. And the highlite were the rides after the OR show closed down at 18:00 in Salt Lake City… Anyway, my flight to Milan is only hours away now…my legs are shaven, my bike is so pimped up that I feel like an Italian, I managed to drop 5kgs in order to tackle these little hills down there in middle Europe and our team managed to scrape more than 21.000€ out of the pockets of our friends, family and neighbours. Together with the 100 other teams riding we will donate more than 1,8million euro to medicins sans fronteires. The contribution from our team (Team: Pain for Pleasure) is enough for a fully equipped mobile ‘hospital’ in a refugee camp. Ok, this became a very long ‘out of office’ message. I will write some lines and post some pictures about how I am coping in the Alps on daily. Also post that on my facebook page. For those that felt inspired by this why not throw a few euros to the good cause as well! : Team name : Pain4Pleasure What I learned so far: business travel is a great opportunity for getting some training done (not a hinder what many think), you can lose weight by eating more proteins and less carbohydrates, riding a bike for 3 hours on flat roads is boring, my bum hurts a lot after 1 hours on a bike and less after 3. Paul"

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