So what is the Coast to Coast (C2C)?

It’s a classic multisport race that was created in New Zealand 30 years ago (http://www.coasttocoast.co.nz/race_history.htm). Solo competitors bike, run, and paddle 243 km from west to east across NZ’s South Island. Depending on wind and water conditions it takes between 9 and 11 hours.

Besides solid fitness and endurance, the race demands:

1. powerful road biking legs

2. technical running skills

3. paddling endurance and white water experience –> 4-5 hours of nonstop kayaking down class two rapids after 5 hrs of running and biking.

I competed in C2C in 2010, but it was a disaster.  I finished 39th after a rain storm cancelled the run and paddle. I went way too hard at the beginning and learned a valuable lesson about pacing (the picture above shows a training session on the Waimak River and the picture below shows my transition during the race at Klondyke Corner (along with my support crew Greig Hamilton of NZ).


For 2013 I bought a special time trial bike  — it’s a beauty…


In the coming days I’ll update you on some of my training here in San Diego. In the mean time you may enjoy this short film of my trail run in Iceland last week during my 24 lay over at the airport.


Happy winter back home !

Scott C

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