Arrival in NZ


Sitting up at Arthurs Pass with 3G connection in Aaron Prince’s family cabin. A great location …


Little re cap of the last 48 hours …


My dad drove me 3 hrs north to the LAX airport for my 13 hr flight to Auckland



Thanks to some drugs I slept well on the plane and arrived to a warm summer morning in Auckland.  I traveled onward to Christchurch, landing at 11.30 and accomplished the following on the first afternoon …

– picked up rental car

– arranged a roof rack with bars

– arranged a kayak rack for my boat

– arranged a bike rack for my bike

– moved into my basecamp in Christchurch

– picked up my kayak (a Sharp 6 multisport boat)

– shopped for a week’s worth of groceries for being up in the mountains

– built a footplate for my kayak (the foot pedals in the boat are really crappy and I wanted something that felt similar to my surfski)

Here is the evolution of my rental car form 11.30 when I arrived until late at night.

First, a rack to get me going from the airport …


Second, a bike tray from my support crew Greg Scott…


Third, a kayak rack from Tim Pearson. A fantastic piece of gear to borrow since my boat is really long and car roof is really short. Tim just had this sitting in his garage … !


Forth, my kayak, which I rented from David Watt.


As for the foot plate …I didn’t actually build anything, but I benefited from Tim Pearson’s handy work. As an experienced Coast-to-Coaster and master carpenter, Tim took control and banged out a footplate in less than two hours.   Tim and I first met as teammates at Explore Sweden in 2004 and he’s been a great friend and supporter for my NZ adventures over the years (he’s also a hunter of big game in NZ and has a bunch of pelts to prove it).


My goals for this trip …. Since it’s short, I need to stay focused, while also ensuring my consulting business runs smoothly.  I have a tendency to do too much at the same time so I laid down some ground rules on myself:

** Train hard. Rest a lot. When not training I’m gonna lay horizontal as much as possible. Recovery will be key to race prep.


** Eat healthy. Anyone want a good book ? Check out “The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance (by Joe Friel)”. Great tips on eating healthy and how to balance a paleo diet with the need for high carb intake before, during and after hard training/racing.


** Early to bed … early to rise. Get used to early morning wake ups in prep for race.


** Use my roller. Massage my legs as much as I can when I’m not training.


In my next blog I’ll tell you about my first big training day … a run over Goat Pass in beautiful sunshine…


PS   Here is base camp in Christchurch at Emma Newman’s house — the pink curtains match my pink roller ..





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