Where’s Scott ?


So where the hell have I been ?

Answer: sitting on the beach and drinking coffee in the fine San Diego weather …

No, the truth is that work and training and family have taken over blog responsibility.  I had a great time training with Jari P when I wasn’t sitting in front of my Macbook working. We had some hard runs together, but no time for uploading pics/stories.

The other challenge in my life has been a wrist problem that has prevented me from paddling. I was really close to canceling the Coast to Coast race in NZ (in 3 weeks from today), despite all the  preparations I’ve made so far. But the last two days — after 10 days of resting the wrist ! — I had a couple of great paddles and felt strong. So the game is “back on.”

I’ve spent a lot of time in my aerobars in the last 10 days and my ass and neck are starting to get used to it 🙂


Hope to catch up with some training stories and travel plans for NZ in the coming days …


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