Registration and pre-race rest day


Sitting on the west coast here on Friday. Got through registration yesterday smoothly and now preparing the final steps of the nutrition plan

… cooking potatoes (in lots of salt)

… mixing a fruit salad for tonight (watermelon, honey due melon, plums, bananas, peaches, blueberries and a little honey)

… preparing Jonas Colting chocolate balls (coconut fat, honey, cashews, almonds, dried peaches & dates, lots of salt)


I’m organizing food bags for each race section.  To save time I will only take a quick drink in most transitions and some salt tablets — I’ll do most of my eating on the course every 20 minutes … otherwise the tank goes dry.

Here are some pics from registration yesterday.

Here is my head support crew Greg Scott showing me the direction in which I will hobble out of my kayak up toward my bike at the Gorge Bridge.

Greg Scott showing me how I will hobble up from my kayak toward my bike at the Gorge Bridge


Here is the start of the kayak leg. We scouted the first rapid which looks really shallow — not sure the fastest route here (and it’s only gonna be lower on race day)


Here is the view you get as you embark on the 4.5 hour paddle


Here I am picking up my race pack.  Strange, but nobody recognized my ÅEC shirt 🙂


Applying stickers at registration …


During the race briefing at Kumara last night — where over 1,000 racers and crew stood outside and listened to Robin Judkins on a loud speaker — we heard there may be a portage during the kayak. Due to fairly low water levels, there is one spot that is a bit tricky and they may require competitors to get out and run around the rapid in the shallow water and then back in the boat again. Might be nice to stretch the legs a little.

Greg helped me with a blinky light behind my water bottle so that it would be easy to spot my bike at the start. We run 10 min in the darkness and then must quickly find our bike among 150 lined up along the road. The glowing water bottle will give mine away …


Some of you may already be following the two-day race on Facebook — they started this morning and will sleep tonight halfway. They cross the finish line about the same time as we do tomorrow afternoon.

Live updates:

Now that all the logistics are done, it’s time to rest and focus on the mental part of my game plan:  Don’t go out too hard — save the best for last.

See ya on the East Coast (race starts at 18.00 Friday night Swedish time)


PS Bruce Wilson is a photographer in Christchurch and he took a few shots of me from the time trial on Tuesday — here they are, plus a link to his other pics








  • Svara februari 8, 2013

    The Other Guy

    Of course they didnt recognize the T-shirt…. it wasnt the year you won! You had a 2010 on you…. Duh!! =)

  • Svara februari 8, 2013


    shhhhhhh… it’s not a bad thing no one recognized the t-shirt.

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