Gold Rush pics and interview


48 hrs later I’ve landed back in Sweden. Long journey. Serious jet lag.

Therefore too little energy to write a blog … so I’m pasting a few links of what others have written 🙂  …  and some pics. Maybe another day I’ll write about the wrong turn I took on Day #1 on the bike (I beat the volunteer to the junction where they were supposed to tell me to turn left … so I just kept going…) and the broken chain I had on Day #2 (only 10 minutes into the race). But for now enjoy the pictures:

Gold Rush Recap from Sportzhub

Interview on Sportzhub


Day #1 on the Clutha River


Here I am on Day #2, the crux day of the race. I broke my chain at the very beginning and therefore lost the leader Angus Watson, who biked off ahead of me. He’s a mountain marathon runner so I thought my only chance to catch him was on the last bike ride, but here I am catching up to him on the run. I was shocked to catch him (I wasn’t running that fast), but I got lucky: he had bonked pretty hard and his body started to fail. I jogged by him and he didn’t even try to hang on. I knew then, that I had  a good chance to win. Just a reminder of how important it is to eat and drink the whole time !


Day #3 started with an early morning 75 minute road bike ride, but everybody was so tired that nobody wanted to work in the front and set the pace. Certainly not me, given that we had a 6 hr day ahead of us ! So we all took it easy and just chatted with each other …


We paddled the Clutha River on Day #1 (35 km) and #3 (40 km). An awesome scenic river through a desert landscape.




Crossing the finish line on a beautiful summer day … with Brazilian Flavio not too far behind (see other pic below)



Thanking everybody who helped me during the race, especially my awesome support crew Michelle Craw — a first timer who was awesome ! She was also my acupuncturist and massage therapist after each day. Sadly, I never got a picture of her and me ! Terrible… Thanks Michelle for everything (especially saving my kayak when it nearly blew off the car roof on Day #2…!)

Angus Watson on left and Brazilian Flavio Vianna  on the right  … and the case of beer I won at my feet 🙂

A little recovery for two weeks, then I’m off to China to race in the 3 day Laining Outdoor Quest together with Team FJS. I’m pysched — I love stage racing and my “summer” form is pretty good right now. I just got to keep healthy …


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