Info om epic v14

Saxat från ett forum om epic v14.

“I have had the Epic V14 demo boat for the last few days putting it through its paces. Its a really fast, fun boat to paddle. I did a 16km down wind in a good 20 Knot N/E tailwind its the best surfing boat i have paddled and slices through small chop making linking runs much easier. It picked up runs well and the cockpit was very dry. The bailer worked well i had it down about 1/3 of its maximum and this was sufficient for the conditions. I also did a local 10km weekly time trial in Sydney Harbour and the boat was very quick. The course is normally a mix of choppy confused water bouncing off cliffs and small harbour runs to virtually flat water. I normally paddle a Epic V12 elite and average about 12.4 kph Average for the 10km course. In the V14 i averaged 12.9kph. I know conditions can play a big part but it was a pretty typical day and the boat felt really fast.


I have enjoyed my v14 for 2 weeks now:

– stability better than expected
– ski runs nicely & when paddled with friends v12 (swapping intermittently) I was impressed with the design changes. I like the v12 but feel for me v14 offers advances that suit my needs better
– seat is very comfortable
– primary goal with this ski is to find a replacement for a K1 primarily for flat water paddling: after buying & selling several options in the last 2 years I imagine my search is over! if I do anything it would be upgrade the layup to lighter model in time.
– look forward to trying it in the ocean when conditions a little more sedate.


Got to paddle the V14 for about 10 minutes after a marathon race this morning. One of our local Epic reps paddled it in the race and I grabbed it as he came in to finish

Love the higher seating position, this is truly the future for fast ski’s in marathon racing, it was ergonomically very comfortable.

The new easier to use retractable scupper started draining from a leisurely 6km/hr and was pretty quick too.

I love the big solid footplate, very welcome for my big feet and of course Epics adjustment system had me adjusted and paddling within about 15 seconds.

As I had just finished the race the was no way of knowing how the boat felt speed wise but it was surprisingly stable for the seat height. I did a couple of race start efforts as this will usually tell you if the stability is going to be an issue when applying max power and was fine.

If there is no loss of speed (you’d expect not) from the V12, I think this will be a popular ski to trade up to from the V12. I’d rate it as just as stable and for me I reckon the primary to secondary stability actually feels better in the V14.

This of course was on a river with just some boat wake to contend with.






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