ÅEC and Scandinavian Outdoor Games


Hey !

Thanks to Haglöfs for a great event last night at the Brand Store in Stockholm.  Lots of good questions and many excited and motivated racers made for good energy in the room!


Here come a few of my tips from the presentation (for those of you who were there and want to see the slides, contact me via facebook … there aren’t that many Scott Coles in Östersund J)


  • Paddle rapids before the race (!) … or paddle on a windy day in a nearby lake
  • Use a bladder in your life jacket to hold your drink – with a “bendable” hose
  • Practice carrying your boat at home in preparations for the 2 lifts
  • Practice paddling with running shoes


  • Use poles !
  • Use a bladder system to drink and tape your sports gels to the backpack straps on your chest
  • Downhill running tips from Anton Olofsson (Åre)
    • 1.  Hips forward to prevent heal s trike and avoid braking !
    • 2.  Dance w/ arms to keep your balance and flow
    • 3.  Focus 10 m ahead, not 1 m ahead
    • 4. Find a downhill treadmill at your gym to practice if you live in a flat landscape



  • I suggest tubeless tires with slime in them to prevent minor punctures. These tires also allow you to run lower air pressure which gives better grip on the trails. (Tire pressure 
– 26”: 40 PSI 
…  29”: 30 PSI )
  • Practice flat tire changes – if nothing else this puts kharma on your side and you won’t get a flat J


General Training tips

• Include brick workouts, even if only 30 min of each, do them in this order:

–      Paddle then run

–      Run then Bike

• 10-14 days before the race have a hard run over Åreskutan or similar mountain to simulate the stress of downhill running on your legs … then bike afterwards.

  • Always train with the gear you will race with !



  • How much to eat?
    • 60-80g carbs/hr
  • Liquid carbs are easiest to digest during a race (e.g., sports gel or honey and water)
  • How much to drink?
    • ~ 750 ml/hr or up to a liter if really hot.
  • Salt ? Yes ! Either through your sportsdrink or salt tablets (Hammar e caps or Salt Sticks)
  • Not a bad idea to take water on the bike section if you are using a sweet tasting sportsdrink on the first 2 sections.
  • Solid food on bike is also a good idea (bars) – eat on the downhills !


Here is the film from last night, which shows the water levels on the river from Tuesday and the view from the top of Skutan on Wednesday morning. Enjoy !


Other videos from past years are found here:



I’m also looking for some folks to help me as support crew for ÅEC 2013. Hör av er om ni vill vara med på mitt lag ….

Next stop –> Falun for the Scandinavian Outdoor Games (http://sog2013.se).  I’ll be racing in the Flinta and Westling Invitational multisport race on Saturday together with Andre Jonsson and then running in the Salomon trail run Sunday morning and the MTB race Sunday afternoon.  Looking forward to it !

See ya !




  • Svara maj 31, 2013

    Robert Grenmark

    Hi Scott,
    Thank you for a great presentation the other day at the Haglöfs flagship store!

    I have a quick question; do you paddle and run in your bike pants? Or do you just use normal shorts for the entire race?
    I’m doing my 5th HÅEC and want to shave off some minutes… 🙂


    • Svara maj 31, 2013


      jag kör med cykel byxor på den hela. Jag föredrar hängbyxor själv men det också går bra med triathlon byxor för att dom har lite mindre kudde när man springa… lycka till

      • Svara juni 4, 2013

        Robert Grenmark

        Tack Scott,
        Jag ska testa några backpass med cykel- och Triathlon byxor.

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