Preview of Haglöfs Presentation

Picked up my new car today and then headed out to the Indalsälven for some ÅEC training. Thanks Jemtbil for this good looking set of wheels 🙂

Thanks to Ralf’s GoPro camera (I lost mine on a river in New Zealand …), I picked up some nice footage in the rapids.  I’ll be showing a short clip of the more exciting parts tomorrow night at the Haglöfs Brand Store at 18.30 in Stockholm. Come have a look !

It all started nice and calm … 20 degrees C. An awesome evening for a paddle.

Then it got a bit rougher …


Thanks to Anton Olofsson for being my “car shuttle” tonight !

Gotta get some sleep. Getting up for an early morning assualt on Skutan 🙂 Good night

Ses i morgon kväll i Stockholm !

Scott C

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