A secret weapon at ÅEC?


I recently purchased a Sharp 6 multisport kayak from New Zealand  (It’s Johan Skärskog’s old boat that he imported from NZ). I bought it for one reason only: I want to go back to the Coast to Coast in NZ next year and, if I do, this is the boat I’m going to be paddling. Therefore I wanted my own version in Sweden that I can spend lots of hours in  this summer …

But I had always planned to use my Zedtech surfski for ÅEC because it’s so much faster in the two portages (lyfts) and you can wear shoes while paddling (thus avoiding the need to change shoes in Åre Torget).

But I’m starting to consider the possibilities of using the Sharp 6. Tomorrow I’m celebrating mid summer by doing a speed test in the rapids: Zedtech vs Sharp 6 – who wins ?  That’s why both boats are strapped to the roof tonight


I’m pretty comfortable in the Sharp 6 now after a whole winter of paddling one down in NZ. First at the Coast to Coast (Feb 2013) …


… then at the Mototapu race (March 2013) …

… and then at the Gold Rush (March 2013)

But the one I just bought from Johan needed some renovations. I had to create a footplate so I could push with my heels (like in a surfski). With the help of an engineering genius here in Östersund (Micke There’ll), that problem is now solved.

First, Micke created a heel plate…(velcro for the foot pump)

Then he created a strap system that supports the heel plate (the black strap connects to the back of the seat). The tube you see in the pic is the pump system, which allows you to pump water out of the boat that leaks in through the skirt (but this is only important when paddling  5 hrs in rapids, not the 15 min we paddle in ÅEC…)

Finally, I added a Steve Gurney “Bumfortable” seat that I had bought in NZ … True to its name, this thing is “Comfortable” for your “Bum”


So we’ll see how this goes tmw …  If I feel really “bumfortable” in the boat I might try the Tannforsen trick that Multi Mike and John tried today …

Don’t eat too much pickled hearing tmw !




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