The making of a website (and ÅEC bike course)


Some of you have noticed that I have purchased a new URL — Buying it was the easy part.  Building it is the hard part. That’s what I’m working on now, which is why it looks like this right at the moment …

Eventually this blog will move to  Big thanks to Martin Nordstrand for allowing me to continue my multisport blogging here on his site during the last 7 months.

Besides hiring a website guy, brain-storming a design, and developing text, I’m also working on some pictures. Tonight was a photo shoot with Sven-Åke Nordenmark and his wife Liza. They did a great job directing me, my car, my bike, and my kayak around to  get some good looking pics.  I got quite wet, but I think it will be worth it.

Sven worked hard …



Some of Sven’s previous work …

I hope to release the website this weekend. You may want to update your bookmarks from to

In other news, I had a solid training weekend in Åre. Paddled the rapids on Saturday (water is still high, but dropping) and then Sunday was a classic ÅEC brick workout: hard running intervals uphill to Skutan (4 x 10 min with 2 min rest), then a steady 40 min descent to Huså. Then on the bike for a solid 2 hr ride with plenty of hard uphill efforts … and that classic run through the swamp of course 🙂

The bike course will be new this year. Fäviken will be cut out and a new hill be added –> just before going under the road in Björnen we’ll turn right (west) on to the ski track and then cross the road and climb up an old forest road toward ÅreSkutan and then descend to pick up the regular ÅEC bike course (and continue along the power line like we did last year). According to race director Mats Anderson, it’s 4 km shorter, but includes more vertical. The combination of less road and more trail will benefit a technical and strong individual MTB rider.

I’m excited by the change and think it will be a positive development overall for the race. The only disappointing part is that we will now lose the world’s best single track descent, just after passing under the lift in Björnen (see the first 15 seconds of the film here –> ). But sometimes you have to give up something good to get something better 🙂

Here’s Mat’s GPS route from his Sunday scouting ride (There is even more detail on ÅEC’s facebook page …)

Tack till Andre Jonsson, Björn Gund, och Anton Olofsson för lite tränings sällskap och bra motstånd på intervall passen i helgen (men Andre — du får gärna tar det lite lugnare uppför på tävlingsdagen !).  Enligt Andres blogg så jag har kanske givit bort för många tips ! Uh oh … 🙂

train hard !

Scott C

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    skoj! utgår ju från att sponsringen från Dynafit gör att vi får se mr Cole göra comeback som skidalpinist! Gäller bara att du ber Patrik om några extra uppsättningar stighudar…;)

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