Victory … and sufferfest

(*** Updated with some newer pics – Thanks Sven Åke Nordenmark !)

Wow, what a weekend.

Thanks to Scandinavian Outdoor Games for putting on a fantastic weekend of racing and outdoor fun. There’s room for some improvement next year, but this first-time event was a big success. I look forward to doing it again next year.

On Saturday Andre Jonsson and I won the multisport race. Sometimes everything just goes perfect and for us that was Saturday.  We got off to a great start, coming in after the steep hill climb together with Team Tynell. (I suffered trying to keep up with Andre, as you can see in this pic below…)

We transitioned to the bike and we were the only ones that could keep Team Tynells speed on the technical MTB loop … but only for about 15 minutes 🙂  Then we had to let them go. Over the next 30 minutes they put 1 min and 40 sec on us ! Wow, that’s a strong bike performance.

Although they are incredible athletes, Daniel and Rikard Tynell are not multisporters, which means they lost a few valuable seconds here and there during the transition to the run and the navigation to the kayak. We put in on the water about 30 sec behind them and Team AXA was just behind us (Jari and Petri). Lucky for us, AXA’s rudder broke and they never caught us on the paddle.

My teammate Andre has had a total of 5 paddle sessions in 2013 in his new tippy kayak so when the side wind started to come I got a bit nervous…. and I’m guessing he did, too 🙂  But he did awesome and we only lost about a minute to Tynell over the hour long padle in the lake.

When we came to the two kayak lifts, Team Tynells lack of multisport experience showed again as they decided to carry the boat intead of taking the rapids, which were way faster. We caught up to them and passed them.  On the next run around the old abandoned mine we were super motivated and put in a big push. Running turned out to be our strength.

On the final bike ride we pushed hard and kept looking back to see if Tynell would put in another super strong bike effort, but we held them off, even on the last hill climb and pulled off the victory. Hats off to them for an awesome effort. I tried to get them both to race in Åre, but they both insisted that roller ski training was higher up on the training agenda this summer …


Thanks to all the racers for the tough competition !

It’s not often I get to stand higher than Team Thule on the podium… 🙂


Then on Sunday I put in two big training efforts (read: sufferfest). I’m most excited about the 21 km Salomon Trail run race where I had some good strong legs right to the end and finished 8th. Thanks to Inov8 for the nice new pair of Talon 212s, which were awesome.  Then I did the 60km mountain bike in the afternoon which never seemed to end … ouch. The goal wasn’t to perform well, but rather to have a hard MTB ride after a hard run — ideal ÅEC training 🙂   Congrats to John Karlsson, best multisporter in the MTB  bike race finishing 23rd.

Thanks to my sponsors, Jemtbil, X Cross sunglasses, Mornington Hotell, Velo rapide bike shop in Östersund, and Nordenmark bike map holders … and a few new ones coming soon. Stay tuned …

It will be a light training week now until the Norderön Multisport race on Saturday — come out and join us if you’re in the area. Great location, fun race, and amazing food afterwards at Tivärs gård !



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