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MEDIA RELEASE – 8 Nov 2013
National Team Rules for ARWC 2014 Onwards

The Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS) is announcing the introduction of team nationality rules for teams competing in Ecuador at the Adventure Racing World Championship 2014 and beyond.

For a team to be eligible to race at the AR World Championship, beginning 2014, it must include a minimum of three members of the same nationality. For the AR World Championship 2015, teams must include all members from the same country.

The current Qualification rules will still apply to the AR World Championship, and the race will permit multiple teams from a single country.

ARWS Director, Craig Bycroft said “National teams will be important step for the championship to become more appealing to mainstream media and public. It should also create additional national funding and sponsorship opportunities for teams.”

The format of a team name will be adapted at the AR World Championship to include firstly the name of the country the team is representing, and may then be followed by sponsor names, for example team USA – Sponsor X.

Director of the AR World Championship 2014, Santiago Lopez, said “It will be a privilege to host the first AR World Championship where teams will be competing not only for their sponsors, but also for their nation.”

Competitors will be required from 2014 onwards, to prove their nationality at race registration by officials checking their passport is valid and issued by the country the team is representing.

National teams will allow the AR World Championship to include an opening ceremony where teams are introduced by country, country flags at other ceremonies, and the playing of the winning teams national anthem at the presentation ceremony.

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