Pressrelease 2 ARWC2013

20131123-044642.jpgMore than 450 people will travel across Costa Rica during the Adventure Race World Championship 2013

65 teams would run the toughest World Championship in history
The +815km route would be secret until December, the race would start in the Southern zone of the country

The route was checked for the last time, kayaks and paddles are ready and some International teams members are already in Costa Rica. Just a week for the Adventure Race World Championship 2013 and the Organizing Committee has everything ready for the competition.

260 racers will travel across Costa Rica, from coast to coast and border to border. The 65 teams (54 international and 9 local) will face orienteering, mountain biking, trekking, coasteering, kayaking, rafting and ropes challenges during the competition.

“Everything is ready for the toughest Adventure Race World Championship in history. We have been planning a challenging competition for all teams, maximizing Costa Rica’s natural beauties. Competitors must be prepared for anything in any kind of weather, “said Alexander “Pongo” Baker, Race Director.

Ireth Rodríguez, Marketing Director of the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT), said that her organization has supported a 4-year process to have Costa Rica as an Adventure Race World Championship Host. The ARWC is an unprecedented event that reinforces our country positioning as an adventure destination with a prevailing model of sustainable tourism development.

The race would have competitors from all continents in the World, representing 25 countries: New Zealand, Ecuador, Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, USA, Argentina, Belgium and Canada.

Besides Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, French West Indies, France, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands and Norway.

There will also be competitors from Paraguay, Poland, South Africa, and of course Costa Rica.

The top 10 international teams have confirmed their participation in the ARWC 2013, including Team Seagate (current world champion and No. 1 in the International Ranking) Haglöfs Silva (No. 2), Thule Adventure Team (No. 3), Columbia Vidaraid (No. 4) and Tecnu (No . 5).

More than 450 people will move in the race (competitors, staff, special guests, racers families, and media people) throughout the country. More than 10 communities would be the operational centre for the support caravan.

Route, departure point, and teams arrival

The route will be unveiled to teams and media until early December, just a few hours before the race starts.

The race would start on December 2nd (2:00pm) at some point on the border between Costa Rica and Panama. From there, competitors will have more than 815km to reach the two seas (Pacific Ocean & Caribbean Sea) and Costa Rica – Nicaragua border.

“We can assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience. Costa Rica is suitable for adventure racing and we traced a special route that will feature most of Costa Rica’s beauties. You’ll be surprised about the effort teams would have to do,” explained “Pongo” Baker.

International teams arrive in Costa Rica over the coming days, but it will be until November 29th when the Official Registration starts at the Headquarters, Radisson Hotel in San José.


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