To ALL ARgirls around Sportkullan AR!

Sportkullan Adventure Race is an all-female adventure race that will be held
in ‘the heart of Sweden’ – Dalarna, in central Sweden on the 12th July 2014.
Girls in teams of 3 will navigate their own route via ‘check points’ in
running, mountain biking and air mattress swimming through challenging, yet
some of the most stunningly beautiful terrain imaginable.

Sportkullan Adventure Race weekend will be made up of three separate
adventure races competing simultaneously. Sportkullan AR 150km (9hr approx.
winning time) is the premier race for the experienced and skilled athlete.
Sportkullan ‘Long’ 100km (6.5hr approx. winning time) and Sportkullan
‘Sprint’ 50km (4hr approx. winning time) are supporting races for teams who
want to experience the challenge and immense fun of adventure racing.

What makes Sportkullan AR unique is that an all-female adventure race gives
girls control to decide how they race. But make no mistake Sportkullan AR is
a ‘proper’ adventure race and will be a hugely competitive competition.

Sportkullan ARs exact route will remain secret until the day before the
race. But it’s well known that Sportkullan AR will finish at the giant
‘Dalahäst’ in the centre of the famous sporting town of Mora. The Dalahäst
is the iconic symbol of both Dalarna and Sweden. Mora’s ‘Dalahäst’ is in a
prime location which is accessible by foot, mtb and water, so a perfect
finish line for an adventure race.

All Sportkullan ARs will be supported, which means each team will need a
support crew to transport their gear between the numerous ‘transition areas’.
We think it’s very important to involve as many friends and families as
possible at Sportkullan AR.

Sportkullan AR will be a genuine adventure. The best adventure races take
you on a journey, not constant ‘out and back’ navigation from a single
transition area. A good adventure race should give you the feeling that you’re
on an expedition, giving your team’s movement purpose. Sportkullan AR,
Sportkullan ‘Long’ and Sportkullan ‘Sprint’ are all ‘point to point’
adventure races, and we’re certain every team will enjoy their journey.

Sportkullan ARs partners include Nordenmark Adventure, Funbeat, Mora Parken,
Daladatorer, Sportkullan massage & friskvård. We’re very grateful to have
them on board.

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